Finding intersection of two sets

When Finding intersection of two sets, there are often multiple ways to approach it.

Calculate Intersection of Two Sets

Well, if you use LINQ's Intersect method it will build up a HashSet of the second sequence, and then check each element of the first sequence against it. So it's O (M+N) and
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Intersection Of Two Sets

The intersection of two sets has the notation (A∩B) and it consists of all elements that are common to set 'A' and set 'B'. Both examples in this tutorial are graphically shown in Venn diagrams

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How to Find the Intersection of Two Sets

The intersection of two sets X and Y is the set of elements that are common to both set X and set Y. It is denoted by X ∩ Y and is read ‘X intersection Y ’. Example: Draw a Venn diagram to

The Union and Intersection of Two Sets

And then we have the number 13 is in X, but it's not in Y. And so over here, the intersection of X and Y, is the set that only has one object in it. It only has the number 3 So we are done. The intersection of X and Y is 3. Now

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