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You can also break the problem down into more steps if you like as shown below: First cross product: 5 × 16 = 80. Second cross product: 10 × x. Setting the cross products equal, we get: 10 × x = 80. There is a faster way to get the answer

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Ratios and proportions and how to solve them

How to Solve a Proportion Manually (Step-by-Step): If you want to know the missing variable in the proportion equation, then simply put the equal sign between them. Find the missing value

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The proportion formula is given below for pairs of variables (a, b) (a,b) (a, b) and (c, d) (c,d) (c, d) Proportion = a b = c d \text{Proportion} = \dfrac{a}{b} = \dfrac{c}{d} Proportion = b a = d c The proportion concept is used to determine

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Setting up and solving proportional equations

1. Use the relationship between the top and bottom number of the fraction. If you can multiply or divide the top number to get the bottom number, this method is the easiest.[1] X Research sour See more
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How to Solve a Proportion

Writing proportions example. Practice: Writing proportions. Proportion word problem: cookies. Proportion word problem: hot dogs. Practice: Proportion word problems. Multi-step ratio and


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Solving Proportions: Definition, Solved Examples

To solve a proportion containing a variable, we remember that the proportion is an equation. All of the techniques we have used so far to solve equations still apply. In the next example, we

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The answer to the equation is 4.

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