Find the area of the polygon.

The formula for the area of a regular polygon is, \ (A = \frac { { {l^2}n}} { {4\;tan\;\frac {\pi } {n}}},\) is the side length and \ (n\) is the number of sides. We can use the apothem area formula of a polygon to calculate the

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Area Of Polygons

to find the area of a polygon formula: area = 1/2 x perimeter x apothem Step-by-step explanation: Here is what it means: Perimeter = the sum of the lengths of all the sides.

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Area Of Polygon

1. Write down the formula for finding the area of a regular polygon. To find the 2. Find the apothem of the polygon. If you're using the apothem method, the3. Find the per See more
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Area of Polygon

If you know all three numbers, you can find the area, A A, by applying this formula: A = (n × s × a) 2 A = ( n × s × a) 2 How to Find the Area of a Regular Polygon Let's say you have that regular decagon (10 sides; n = 10 n = 10) with sides, s s, 8

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