Reflection Over The X and Y Axis: The Complete Guide

The rule for reflecting over the X axis is to negate the value of the y-coordinate of each point, but leave the x-value the same. What does reflected in the x-axis mean parabola?

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Reflection Over The X-Axis

reflected in the x-axis. Solution : Required transformation : Reflection about x - axis, So replace y by -y. Put y = -y and Original equation ==> 2x-y+3 = 0. After reflection ==> 2x-(-y)+3 = 0. 2x+y+3
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Reflecting a Polygon Across the X-Axis

How do you know if the graph is reflected over the x-axis or Y axis? Multiply all outputs by –1 for a vertical reflection. The new graph is a reflection of the original graph about the x-axis.